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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, one-sided Snape/Lily


The first thought that Severus Snape had upon seeing Ginny Weasley for the first time was 'Do those damn Weasley's ever stop reproducing?' Of course, he didn't actually know the young first year's name yet, but with that tell-tale ginger mop, a face full of freckles and a dented, secondhand cauldron, who else could she be? Snape scanned the class roster in his hand and soon found the name Weasley, Ginny at the bottom. Snape did a quick count in his head- she was the fifth Weasley brat he'd have to deal with this term. Oh well. At least there wasn't two of her, like her blasted twin brothers.

As Ginny walked over to an empty work bench, Snape gave her an icy glare. Ginny looked up and, surprised by the severity of his gaze, stumbled on a stool. She dropped her cauldron with a loud BANG, which continued to echo through the stone chamber. A small group of Slytherins pointed and laughed loudly. Ginny picked up her cauldron (now with a brand new dent in it) and tried to hide her blushing face with her curtain of red hair. Snape smirked, satisfied, and told the class to settle down. He had a whole class of first years to frighten and a brand new Weasley to intimidate. Who knows? It might just be a good day after all.

After the incident with the Chamber of Secrets, Snape actually felt a tiny (very tiny- virtually miniscule) drop of pity for the Weasley girl. She had been possessed by the Dark Lord and forced to attack others against her will. However, Snape still thought her foolish for being taken in by Lord Voldemort's false sympathy.  

But now with Sirius Black on the loose, he didn't have time concern himself with trivial matters like the Weasley's and their senseless daughter. His main concern was catching Black and exposing Lupin. Why didn't Dumbledore see that that mangy fur ball couldn't be trusted?! It was obvious that Lupin was helping Black into the castle! Lupin was the only one capable of helping that vile, despicable, son of a-


Snape was interrupted from his musings by Lupin himself, who had burst into Snape's office, panting ('Like the flea-bitten mongrel he is,' Snape thought venomously). Lupin ran up to Snape's desk and said hurriedly, "Severus, Black's broken into Gryffindor Tower! All the teachers are to report to the Great Hall so the school can be searched!"

Snape was barely able to contain his excitement- tonight he would catch Black and hand him over to the dementors personally. He stood and rushed back out of the corridor with Lupin at his side.

"Did Black get to Potter?" Snape asked, almost casually.

"No. I heard he attacked one of the Weasley's," Lupin replied.

"Which one?" Snape asked before he could stop himself.

"Ronald Weasley."

Hmph. Snape wondered vaguely why he'd even asked.

Snape swooped around the Great Hall almost as elegantly as the dancers, putting students in detention left and right for PDA. Blasted Yule Ball- all this Christmas cheer and eggnog was going to everyone's heads.

He spied Karkaroff in the crowd and immediately started to walk in the opposite direction. He'd been trying to avoiding Igor ever since he arrived at Hogwarts, but it was starting to prove more difficult. Snape unconsciously touched his left forearm. The Dark Mark was still only a vague outline on his skin, but it was it was becoming a shade darker every day. The Dark Lord was gathering strength again, and both Snape and Karkaroff knew that time was running out.

Snape flinched as a student bumped into his left arm- it was Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom. Both murmured "Excuse us, Professor," as they hurried to wherever it was they were going to. Snape scowled furiously at them, seriously considering chasing them and putting them in detention, when he noticed something.

The Weasley girl seemed… different. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was makeup, but she seemed to be glowing. She was smiling broadly, her soft brown eyes lit up, face flushed with excitement. Her pale, glittering dress robes were swirling around as she danced, and her bright red hair whipped about her face as she waltzed. She… she looked… almost like…

No. She's just another damn Weasley brat. She doesn't look like ANYONE.

Snape shook his head roughly to get a grip on himself. Then he rushed off to yell at some Hufflepuff girls who were taking the phrase "Good will towards men" literally.

The war has begun. The Order of the Phoenix has been reformed to fight against the Dark Lord. Snape was forced to resume his role as a double agent, and though his duty wore heavily on him, he let none of his weariness show.

Snape Apparated to Grimmauld Place. He had news for the Order, news that couldn't wait. He walked down the hallway, avoiding the portrait of Black's miserable mother, and headed for the kitchen. Snape was about to enter the meeting when he noticed a small pile of Dungbombs in front of the kitchen door. What were those wretched twins up to now? He thought he heard a small noise to his left, on the stairs, and he looked up, expecting to see the twins. Instead, he saw Ginny, holding a Dungbomb, her eyes daring him to tell her off. Snape raised an eyebrow disdainfully.

"If this is how you entertain yourself, Miss Weasley, then clearly your family's status can go no lower."

Snape just managed to get inside the kitchen without being hit with a Dungbomb, but it was a close thing.

When the new term started and Dolores Umbridge began her reign of tyranny over Hogwarts, Snape had to exercise careful restraint so he would not poison the despicable woman. As wonderful as that scenario would be, he had more important things (like the Order) to worry about.

Oh, and let's not forget that idiot boy Potter, of course. The arrogant little fool just couldn't stand the thought of listening to his elders and created a secret organization devoted to Defense Against the Dark Arts. This, in itself, wasn't all that terrible- it was the fact that Potter got himself caught. Stupid boy.

And then, the brainless teenager broke into Umbridge's office. Snape was summoned with an order to bring Veritaserum. He couldn't wait to tell her he had none left. He entered Umbridge's office to see an interesting sight: Potter, the two youngest Weasley's, Granger, Longbottom and Lovegood were all being held captive by a group of burly Slytherins, and the DA members were putting up a good fight. He resisted the urge to smile.

Umbridge smiled as he entered and asked, in her sickeningly sweet voice, if he had any Veritaserum left. Snape told her about his depleted stock and her face twisted in a horrible rage. He turned to leave when Potter cried out, "He's got Padfoot! He's got Padfoot at the place where it's hidden!"

Snape paused, his hand on the doorknob. He looked back at the group of students and his eyes fell on Ginny for a brief second. The look of defiance on her face made her look so much like-

He turned his eyes to Potter's pleading face and to Umbridge's angry, confused pout.

"What does he mean, Snape?" Umbridge demanded.

Snape shrugged. "No idea."

The war was public now. Everyone now believed that the Dark Lord had returned, and the entire population was living in fear and paranoia. With his promises to Dumbledore, the Dark Lord, and now to Narcissa Malfoy, Snape knew he was in deeper than he'd ever been before. He watched as Draco Malfoy desperately tried to complete his task for the Dark Lord, and Snape walked the fine, fine line between helping him and being of no help at all. Making the Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa might have been a mistake, but Snape had no choice- he had to keep up appearances.

Snape did have one small comfort though. He was finally the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, and this change in staffing had completely shocked and infuriated young Potter, to Snape's intense pleasure. Oh, the look on Potter's face when Snape was announced as D.A.D.A teacher… it was all Snape could do to keep from laughing. Did you really think I'd stay in that miserable dungeon forever, Potter?

Yes, Snape's new teaching post practically made him giddy (well, as giddy as a man like Severus Snape could ever be), and he was actually in a decent mood as he skip- no, walked, down to the Great Hall. He was just contemplating what sort of curse he should teach the class today when, lo and behold, he saw Potter coming down the corridor, Weasley and Granger tagging along. They hadn't seen him yet. Snape's lip curled, quickly trying to find some excuse to scold the trio and dock Gryffindor points…

And that was when Ginny Weasley appeared, her long ginger hair flying behind her as she ran to catch up to the group. Her cheeks barely flushed, she smiled and greeted everyone before catching hold of Potter's hand and kissing him on the cheek.

Snape stopped dead in his tracks, staring outright as the Gryffindors walked into the Great Hall for breakfast. Potter and the Weasley girl… were a… couple? Snape seriously considered rushing to Madame Pomfrey to have his vision checked. There was no way he could have seen what he'd just witnessed.

Snape turned on his heel and walked down the corridor to an empty classroom, where Peeves was putting something slippery on the floor to make the students trip. Snape pulled out his wand and hexed Peeves without pausing to think about it. The poltergeist zoomed out of the room, shouting curses that would have made the hardest sailor's ears bleed.

Snape walked over to a desk and sat down, his thoughts chaotic and angry. Potter- impudent, insolent, arrogant, troublemaking, goddamn-bloody-Quidditch-star Potter. The boy was all-but a clone of his father James, and Snape hated him enough for that, but now this…

"What is it with Potters and redheads?!" he hissed, unable to contain this venomous thought. Of course, Ginny Weasley had only a passing resemblance to Lily Evans, Snape reminded himself. The only similarity was her red hair. And her kindness to others. And her hatred of the Dark Arts. And her bravery, her spirit, her cleverness- not to mention her attraction to attention-seeking Quidditch players.

Damn it all, man, pull yourself together! Snape thought to himself. This was not the time or place to think about this. Just because history was repeating itself right before his eyes didn't mean he could lose his cool. He looked out the window to see a puffy white cloud, and he glared at it, as if it was the cause of all his problems.

Love, he seethed, I don't know what Dumbledore sees in it, when all it does is take your heart, chew it up and spit it back out.

Snape, for all his cleverness, skills, and planning, hadn't seen it coming. As he fell to the floor, hot blood spurting out of the gash in his neck, all he could think was, It's over, it's over, and he doesn't know yet, he doesn't understand, he'll never know, oh God, he'll never know the truth!

He slid to the floor, his neck and his soul in agony. Potter would never know the truth now. Potter would fail, Hogwarts would fall, and all will be lost as the Dark Lord finally destroyed the last hope the world had.

All of a sudden, with a soft swish, Potter himself materialized from thin air. The Invisibility Cloak, the coveted Hallow, fell to the blood-stained floor. Snape wasted no time and grabbed the front of Potter's robes, pulling the boy close to his face.

"Take…it… Take… it…" Snape choked, using the last of his strength to concentrate. Silvery white memories flowed out of his body and Potter collected them in a flask. Snape tried to watch the boy but his eyesight was beginning to fade. After Potter learned the truth, he would go to his death, and, unbidden, Snape thought of Ginny Weasley. He could already see her grieving for Potter.

I hope you loved her with all your heart, Potter, because she deserved it.

Potter finished collecting the memories. Snape's heart was barely beating because of all the blood loss, and all he could feel was the everlasting cold of death.

"Look…at…me…." Snape breathed.

Potter looked into Snape's eyes, and Snape got his dying wish- to look into the eyes of Lily Evans one last time. As Snape drew in one last breath, his final thought was, I'm sorry, Lily. I did my best.
For the Ultimate Fanfiction Contest.

This was SOOOOOO hard to write!!!! I realize I probably didn't do Snape justice at all, but I tried my best.

And no, Snape has no romantic interest in Ginny. I know it seemed like that at times, but it's only because she's similar to Lily.

I hope you guys like it! Wish me luck!
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Hmm, this is excellent! Very good, it is rather hard to find good fanfics that logically fit into a series.
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Thank you very much!
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:) Nicely done! It hadn't occurred to me that Ginny and Harry were reminiscent of Lily and James, but it's quite clear to me now... Poor Snape! He wouldn't be half as cruel and bitter if his love hadn't gone unrequited...
AutomailWings Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2009
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